Vestry Advisor – Katy Murphy

Worthumb_IMG_0698_1024ship is central to our rich life as a church with a 9:30 a.m. Sunday Rite II Eucharist. Preaching is lectionary based with practical applications as an emphasis.

Previously we held two services during the program year and one over the summer. During the interim period it was felt that continuing to have one service brings us closer together as a family. Some in the parish would like to keep the one service and some would like to go back to two. The previous service times were 8:30 with little music and 10:30 with full music and choir.

On Wednesdays in the chapel there is morning prayer at 8:30 am, a Holy Eucharist with prayers for healing at 10 am and a 5:30 evening worship service

Lay people take communion to a local retirement facility, Benson Hall, every Sunday morning. They also take communion to members who request it be brought to them because they are not able to attend that Sunday. Our priest holds a Eucharist on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month at another local retirement facility, Tryon Estates.

Altar Guild

thumb_IMG_0556_1024Members of the Holy Cross Altar Guild quietly and reverently care for the sanctuary, the sacred vessels, the linens and the vestments.  The Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for each worship service.  The home communion boxes that are taken to parishioners in their homes and Benson Hall by our Lay Eucharistic Visitors are also prepared by the Altar Guild.  Working with the Altar Guild is a wonderful opportunity to serve God in his sanctuary.

Flower Guild

The mission of the flower guild is to direct the use of floral and natural materials bringing the beauty of god’s creation into our church; thus enhancing our worship and expressing our gratitude to God.  The flower guild is self –sustaining. The congregation’s willingness to dedicate flowers provides the money for the flowers each week.  The cost has remained at $60.00 for the last thirteen years. Any additional money collected pays for supplies or Christmas greenery.

Our membership is open to anyone interested in arranging flowers for the altar or learning to do so.  Previous experience is not a prerequisite.  Currently flower guild members serve for two months of the year with two members assigned to each month.  An annual organization luncheon is held and we host occasional workshops.

The members of the flower guild are  Barrie Baker,  Lucy Brannon, Valerie Burgess, Ellen Carey, Annie Doar, Renee Duvall, Duncan Ely, Patsy Hanskat, Mary Claire Jenks, Karen Johnston, Maggie Mugan, Katy Murphy, Mimi Pospsil and Allison Shields.

Contact Person(s): Mimi Pospisil,  Artistic Director; Katy Murphy, Administrative Director     864.266.6752


Our funeral coordinators work with the funeral with clergy, the music director and family members to plan and execute a meaningful service to commemorate the life of the departed.  We have a reception committee that can plan a simple gathering after a service.

Contact Person(s): Wanda May in the office at 828-859-9741 (  Funeral coordinators:  Eileen Barton  828-894-6553 and  Pat Hale 864-895-1126


Show MercyStations of the Cross (Way of the Cross)

Fridays during Lent at 5:00 pm

Ambrose Mills

You can see the fourteen icons on the walls of the Nave. Each represents an event which occurred on the last day of Jesus’ life.

The History

Early Pilgrims to Jerusalem would follow the path Jesus took from his condemnation, to the crucifixion, to the tomb. They would stop at each site for prayer and contemplation. (Station is from the Latin for stand). Later it was difficult to visit the Holy Land, so replicas of the Way of the Cross were built throughout Europe. They became the Stations we now know.


As we progress around the Stations, we are making a spiritual journey, following the footsteps of Jesus. We can personally feel the pain, courage and dignity of his Passion. We can share the grief of his Mother, Mary, as a sword of sorrow pierces her heart. This touching journey ends at the tomb, but we see that it is a necessary prelude to the resurrection which we joyfully anticipate.

Please join us for this meaningful Lenten discipline. It takes less than 30 minutes from 5:00 pm on Lenten Fridays.