What is the registration fee?
The fee for either race is $25.

Can I register the day of the race?
We offer same day registration. The fee is the same as pre-registration.

Do you offer refunds if I have to cancel?
We are sorry but we cannot offer refunds. You can however transfer your registration to someone else up to one week before the race.

Can I change from the 5k to the 10k or vice-versa?
You are allowed to change races. However, please let us know in plenty of time so we can make sure results are accurate.

Is the course certified?
The course is not certified. It’s pretty accurate but your milage may vary!

Where do I park?
Parking is free in our church parking lot and we have additional parking nearby.

Since this is a December race is there a warm place to gather before the race?
Registration, pre race announcements, coffee and other refreshments are all in our heated parish hall. Once we get outside to the start line we get you going ASAP.

What happens if it rains?
The race still goes on.

Where are the awards ceremonies held?
They are held in our warm and dry parish hall and are accompanied by one of the best hot breakfasts you will ever have at a race!

Are strollers and pets allowed in the race?
They are both allowed. All God’s Creatures are welcome!

Can I wear headphones?
We won’t say no but we discourage it. This is an open course (with some police presence) and you’ll need to pay attention to the monitors.