The course starts at the Church and takes you through historic Tryon neighborhoods, partly on an unpaved road through the woods, loops down to main street and finishes right through downtown Tryon. The 5K is one lap and the 10K is 2 laps.

The course is moderately hilly with a few more challenging hills. For the 5K there is one climb at around 2.5 kilometers. The run through downtown once you get on main street is a combination of flat and slight uphill.

For the 10K besides the climb at 2.5 miles (and again around 7 kilometers), lap 2 begins with an uphill climb on Chestnut Street (kilometer 5).

The rest of the course consists of flat, slight inclines and some nice declines. The more challenging climbs are followed by descents and flats for recovery.

Kilometer 3-4 and again 8-9 is almost all gradual downhill.

There is one water stop but you pass it twice on the 5K and four times on the 10K.

Runners find the course challenging but also interesting. The varying curves, scenery and grades make the course go by quickly. The course is will marked with signs, taped arrows on the road and we have course monitors at all the turns.

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