In England 2013-05-02 23.27.16there is a grand tradition of “Wetting The Baby’s Head” when a new child is born. As several of our members are confirmed anglophiles any chance to follow a British tradition is always a reason to throw a party.

In this case when Prince William and Kate announced they were pregnant with their first child we 2013-05-02 23.26.36immediately had reason to host proper tea to celebrate wetting the baby’s head.

It was decided the charity to benefit from this would be Operation Safety Net which helps new mothers with all kinds of assistance. Each person attending the event was asked to bring a gift for a newborn baby – much like one would do at a baby shower. All of those gifts were distributed to local area mothers via Operation Safety Net.

There was also a nominal fee charged for the event. After expenses all leftover money went to the Holy Cross Outreach Program. Through our Outreach program we help2013-05-02 23.40.11 many in the community with food, utilities, rent and countless other ways.

You can say Holy Cross is always ready to get together and share a meal, especially a meal for a cause!

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