IMG_2508The grounds at Holy Cross and our adjacent rectory are cared for by a volunteer group affectionally known as The Holy Cross Ground Force. The professional crew of J. A. Landscaping does skilled work a few times a year, but the day to day tasks of mowing, trimming, cleaning etc are done by the
Ground Force.

Around mid-week an email is sent by the head of the group to all theIMG_5591
members with ideas on what needs to be done that week. Whoever has time replies
to the entire group what they can do.

The goal is by Saturday afternoon everything is spruced for Sunday!

A few times during the year the Ground Force meets for special projects. In fall it’s cleaning up leaves. In spring it’s always mulching day. The turnout is always good and so the work doesn’t take long.

It’s something we all enjoy doing and more so doing together!