Vestry Advisor – Claire Carey


The Holy Cross hospitality team consists of a wonderful group who are willing and desirous to provide refreshments and goodwill for our fellowship events.  Events are generally in the form of celebrations, dinners, receptions and parties to enhance special worship opportunities, such as Holy Cross Sunday, All Saints’ Day, visits by our bishop or other guests and special music presentations.  Our fellowship chair is John Hart:

Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups are in their 10th year at Holy Cross! Coordination is under the able guidance of Jacque Brown-Williams. Groups of 8-10 people are formed twice a year for 5 months at a time. The groups meet once a month in a group member’s home or at a designated place for a casual meal. This is a great way to meet or get to know the many and interesting members of Holy Cross.  If you are interested in being a part of Foyer Groups, please contact Jacque Brown-Williams at 828-859-3124 or

Wednesday Dinners

Our monthly Wednesday Night Dinners are a long-standing tradition of casual fellowship, relationships, community and good food. The real value of the dinners is having a time to get to know each other and to further the sense of the loving and caring community of Holy Cross. The continued success of these events can be attributed to all of the volunteers that make it happen. To produce the Wednesday Dinners 15 or so volunteers contribute their time and talents by shopping, cooking, setting up and cleaning. We always welcome anyone who would like to help us in this effort – contact Greg Wright at  if you want to join the fun.

Sunday Morning Coffeethumb_IMG_0656_1024

Sunday morning Coffee Hour is held every Sunday immediately following the service in the Parish Hall.  Coffee Hour is an opportunity to extend warm hospitality to our newcomers and to visit with friends and get to know each other better – our weekly chance to demonstrate grace and the love of God incarnate to one another.

Coffee Hour is efficiently managed by Peter Fenn who is faithfully there each Sunday morning to prepare coffee and juice and set up the table. Parishioners kindly prepare and bring food to complete the table.