Our Grief SupporHCstfrancist Ministry meets monthly to support those who have lost a loved one in their journey of redefining, balancing and beginning their life without their loved one. The ultimate goal is to support the participants so they can move towards reinvesting their love in others. Anyone is welcome to be part of this program. An effort is made to serve the community as well as the parishioners of Holy Cross.

Each year the eight session program “Seasons of Grief” is presented for those who are at least 6 months past their loss.

An effort is made to contact any member of Holy Cross who has had a loss and offer support from this ministry. Special cards are mailed to those people who have had a loss for the first year of their loss.

The work of this ministry is done on a volunteer basis. The cost is minimal and supported by the church and the “Seasons of Grief” participants.

If you are interested in more information about the Grief Ministry please contact Cam Lawrence camlawrence46@gmail.com