Vestry Advisor – Toya Hegwer

Holy Cross is blessed with a fine physical structure and it is overseen and cared for by many different members and committees.

We have a fully equipped restaurant style kitchen which is overseen by a committee, our art and furnishings are documented and cared for by two of our members with help from others. Should repairs be needed, members under the direction of the vestry advisor meet with repair people, get bids and oversee the work with the help of the staff. An example is the recent updating of our heating and air units.

We have members with all kinds of skills in these areas and we are blessed they willingly share them for the sake of the parish.


Property Brothers and Sisters is an all volunteer group that helps with small chores that need to be done around the church – things for which you might normally call a “handyman”.  If you have skills and time to help, please contact us.IMG_5600 copy


The Holy Cross Ground Force does the basic care of the church grounds. Mowing, weeding, string trimming, cleaning, etc is done by this all volunteer group.  An email in the middle of the week alerts the group about the work that needs to be done.  If you’d like to join this group please contact Paul Zimmerman by email at

Memorial Garden

Our memorial garden provides a final resting place for parishioners and occasionally non-church members.  An application must be filed with the church before interment can take place.  There is a nominal fee for interring the ashes and furnishing the bronze plaque.

Wanda K. May, Parish Administrator 828-859-9741