Holy Cross Episcopal Church was formed in the late 1800’s when many churches of our denomination were planted in western North Carolina. The current church building was erected in 1955 at the peak of this growth period. The beautiful stained glass windows were contributed by parishioners and were installed before the building was completed.

BuildingsHoly Cross is one of the larger parishes in The Diocese of Western North Carolina. There are approximately 250 members on the rolls, although many of them are homebound or live in retirement facilities. The church reflects the local population demographic. We are an older congregation with a small number of children and teens.   Parish members are dedicated to serving God and one another. Holy Cross is known for its hospitality.

Holy Cross is also well-known in the community for its help and support of those who need assistance with food, clothing, housing and medical care. Several funds are set aside for just such assistance. Our members are very active in community outreach and volunteerism in many areas.

We are also known for our excellent music program. We have many talented persons in our church family and they share frequently their musical and artistic talents, adding another level of spirituality to our worship services. Our choir has toured overseas and produced CD recordings. We emphasize traditional Anglican choral singing.

Our worship style may include “high church” worship on very special festive and feast days. For most occasions our worship style is most often traditional. We make occasional use of supplemental hymns within the Episcopal Church hymnody. Twice each year there is Service of Choral Evensong. Holy Cross also presents a recital series during Advent and during Lent.


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